Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Packing up? Here are some things to think about ...

WOW! Is the crop just 10 days away!?! We are SO looking forward to cropping with all of you – and surprising you with all sorts of fun, scrappy treats! Here are just a few things to think about as you pack up your scrap stuff this week:

- Bring an extra bag (maybe even a suitcase) to take all your goodies home in. (No, we are not kidding.)
- While we have a number of activities, guest instructor programs and surprises planned, all activities are optional. While we encourage it vehemently, you don’t even have to crop.
- Pack up those unwanted scrap items (maybe in that extra suitcase you’re bringing!) to put on the “swap” table. Take what you want, first come, first served. Anything left will be given to the Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) for the memory projects the patients do.
- Attached to the last email we sent out are details about the Crops2Remember “What Does 2 Mean to You?” layout contest. The winner of this event will be crowned Queen of the Crop – and be treated like one as she’s showered with prizes! Details are also on our web site. Go to www.crops2remember and click on the Calendar page. On the left hand side is the Latest News - click on the link for April 17!
- We have four special guests throughout the weekend, some of them with items for sale. Plus, we have store sponsors who would love for you to drop by, so be sure to bring a little extra pocket money!
- Plan to dress comfortably and in layers. The room temperature will be kept around 72 degrees, but every one has a different tolerance for heat and cold.
- Think you’ll need extra light? Planning to bring your Cricut? You might want to bring a power strip or an extension cord.
- Have you left a comment (or five) on this blog? For every comment you make, your name will be entered in a special raffle for an item valued at $30. You can be entered and unlimited amount of times, so write away!
- Can’t stand the thought of being away from email too long? No worries! The hotel has complete access to wireless Internet – and it’s FREE!
- Some emails are getting lost in spam filters, so make sure you check the blog often in the next 10 days for updates and announcements!

And, as always, if you have any questions, feel free to email us! For registration and payment questions, contact Naomi (naomicrops2remember@yahoo.com). For activity and general questions, contact Jessica (jessicacrops2remember@yahoo.com).

See you on the 27th!!!!

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Ogle Family said...

This one will actually be tough for me. Since I'm only a 9-5er and limited space, I'll actually have to plan this out. Not an easy feat for me!