Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Count down to August Registration

Hey Scrappy Ladies
Are you ready for Crops2Remember II? We are ready for you! Just a few more days till registration starts. I'm ready for you. Send your emails our way on June 1 and we will get you on the list. Make sure to invite your friends, because, hey, the more the merrier! We are at the same great location in Lake Forest. Close to all those fun shops too :) We have some more room options available too. Be sure to check the web site,
I have so many pictures to scrap, I could use a scrap week.
See you all in August :)

PS, remember to leave a comment on the blot to be entered into a great drawing during the August weekend.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Time to register for August!

Our website is updated with information about the August Crop! Be sure to check it out, Email us or post a comment if you have questions.
For those who completed the survey (thank you :) ) you wanted more goodies. Like there was not enough already.......... Well, did some shopping yesterday and found some great give-a-ways. Shhhh, not telling. You will have to come in August to see what they are. And who knows what the Queen will win this time :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Web site updated!

Just in case you are one of the two people who found this without coming from the Crops2Remember web site, be sure to check out the updates! We've got some great pictures from the April crop, plus some details about the August crop! Here's a shot of me with our April "Queen of the Crop" Julia from Mission Viejo. To learn how YOU can become Queen (and win lots of great prizes) check out the "Queen" page on our web site!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Anyone else at the MAMBI sale?

I went to the Me and My Big Ideas sale this past weekend and ran into a couple of members of the C2R Inaugural 2Dozen: Krystal and Christal! I caught Christal on film heading out of the MAMBI warehouse to check out and Krystal was kind enough to take my picture to remember the moment by! Alright, ladies, 'fess up! Who else was there?

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

OK, I am still charged up from our GREAT weekend!

What is there to say about our first C2R Weekend? How about....let's do it again! First off, I want to thank my partners in grime....Naomi, Jessica and our fourth founder Michele....for bringing me along for the ride. I had never been to a weekend crop, and now I am wondering why not! I had such a great time, and I couldn't have been with and met such a great group of ladies - and talented scrapbookers!

I can't wait to see all your photos. Here are some of mine.

Many of you enjoyed Cheryl from Fiskars. She is a sweetheart, and we will be seeing her again soon.

Now, as far as me and my pink curlers go...just know that a few ladies stopped me in Timeless Treasures last weekend and said they recognized me from our late night shopping trip. Talk about being recognized for a wrong (but very funny) reason!

Stephanie from MAMBI couldn't have been more warm and friendly, and believe me, we were thrilled to have a VIP at our first event. Many of you went to their warehouse sale and stocked up on MAMBI goodies. Just when we thought we couldn't possibly buy any more scrap stuff....

And, got a work out with your big bag of freebies from the crop. Did we really have that many giveaways? It's all a blur!
I guess we did....look at that raffle table on the morning of Day 1 and that nice neat table before croppers arrived. It was amazing how much stuff 24 of us could have...and that's just what we brought with us!

From our challenge winners to the ribbon "toss" - I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. And I thank all of you for making it so.

Here's to you and to our next C2R. Love, Nan