Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Anyone else love ribbon? Let's swap!

Anyone who has cropped with me in the past year or so has seen my barrels of ribbon ... I guess enough is never enough! And I love to swap it! This is not a C2R planned activity, just something I enjoy doing at crops. Comment here if you would like to participate! It's a great way to add some new designs to your stash!

The basic guidelines are:

1) Please use decorative ribbon, something you would love to have. No Spool'O Ribbon or Offray. Try to bring something unique that no one else will have.

2) Cut the ribbon into 1-yard lengths. I recommend having at least 10 yards - you can always swap with someone twice!

3) The ribbon you bring can either be all the same or all different - or somewhere in between!

If we happen to have more than 10 people say they are interested, then you may want to bring more than 10 yards if you want a piece from everyone. It's entirely up to you! Email me if you have any questions or suggestions: jessicacrops2remember@yahoo.com.

Countdown to Crop: 10 days!


Naomi Murphy said...

Count me in! I love swaps.

Ogle Family said...

What a great idea!!!!

Terrie said...

I am interested but I don't know where to find the type of ribbon your are talking about. Can you give me an idea of stores that would carry designer ribbon? The craft stores seem to only carry Offray.


Jessica Guthrie said...

Actually, JoAnns and Michaels carry "designer" ribbon. As long as it is a patterned or textured ribbon (think stripes or polka dots or floral, etc., that is fine! Michaels had some new "Dashes Dots and Checks" (the style name) ribbon that WAS on sale (not sure if it still is) that would work well. A good guideline is that if the ribbon is skinny and a solid color, don't use that. Let me know if you need any more help!

Terrie said...

Perfect, Count me in and Rebecca too. I just wanted to make sure I was up to par.

I did find this great website called The Ribbon Spot. It looks like they have a pretty good selection (not that it will be here by this weekend).

Thanks again,

Julia Mobasseri said...

I would love to swap. What a great idea! Genius pure Genius!!!