Thursday, April 26, 2007

Counting Hours

Ok, so I have been sitting at my desk most of the morning trying to work. I took the dog for a run to clear my head, packed my clothes for the weekend and went over all the paperwork. But I still can't concentrate on work. I chatted with my mom about dinner Friday night. Still can't concentrate. I have a conference call at 1:00 so have to focus on that. Then it will be time to get the kids from school, get through homework, pack up the car and hopefully get to bed at a somewhat decent hour. In about 20 hours from now, will be getting ready to crop with a huge vente Starbucks chai latte! Can't wait!!
See you all soon :)


Misha said...

Yea!!! Almost there.....can't wait to see all my friends and make some new ones too!! You gals have done a SUPER job :)

Julia Mobasseri said...

Ditto Misha!! I am totally behind. I haven't packed anything (clothes or scrap stuff) I have been working on my #2 page (the girls who know me know I will at least need 10 more hours on it). So for me sleep looks way too far in the future for me to even think about it. :( But I am still so excited!! Save me a sandwich tomorrow, be there about 1.