Friday, April 20, 2007

One week to go!!!

I can't believe it! Only one more week to go! Whoo -hoo. Are you all ready to go? Make sure you have plenty of pictures, paper, embellies and projects to work on. But if you run out of things to do, I have plenty you could work on:) Bring your ideas for the layout contest too: "What does 2 mean to you".

An email was sent out the other day with information and basic directions to the hotel. It is also posted on the blog.

If you have any questions at all, leave a comment here or send and email to me at or . We check the blog and emails daily.

This weekend is a busy one for me as my dad is in town for a visit and to see some baseball games (if the rain stops). But next week I will be back on track getting everything else ready for the crop.

Remember, you can arrive as early as 9 am. The room will be set up and you can get started scrapping right away. Breakfast will also be out in the great room until 9:30. So stop by a little earlier for breakfast if you want.

See you all next Friday!!


vroth said...

Can't wait for Friday. Question: I have never cropped for more than a one day crop? How much glue/glue dots/adhesive tape do you suggest we bring?

Jessica Guthrie said...

Hmmm ... good question. I use ZIG 2-way glue in the jumbo tip for most things, a tape runner for anything like chipboard and glue dots for ribbon and embellishments. I would say that I got through 3 barrels of the glue, one or two tape runners and a roll of glue dots. But, then again, it totally depends on how fast you work and how much adhesive you like to use. If you need a more scientifuc method, maybe consider how long it takes you to go through your adhesive (3 hours of scrapping, 4, 5?) and then divide that in to the number of hours you think you'll scrap over the weekend. It's always a good idea to overstock, too. But, then again, running out might give you the excuse you need to go and visit one of our sponsor stores (but who really needs an excuse to shop?)

Terrie said...

Ok, It is now Monday and I can't wait!!!!!

I am actually packing and repacking (in my head). I want to make sure I have everything I need. I have set a pretty lofty goal of finishing 2005, but I am also in it for the fun!!!!

Rebecca and I plan on packing up her bug on Thursday night so we can leave bright and early; actually it might still be dark; Friday morning. We want to have maximum scrapping time!!!!

Can't wait!!!

Thanks for all you work!


holly angeles said...

What stores are nearby as far as LSS's go? Thanks!

Jessica Guthrie said...

Oops! Didn't see your post before Holly ... We have a few, most of them are sponsors of the event: Angel's Scrapbook Garden, Red Bee, Timeless Treasures and Scrapbook Oasis (not a sponsor, but still a great store!).