Monday, October 20, 2008

Some things to bring for the weekend

Some of you have been asking about some things to bring for the weekend. I'll try to answer it all here.

Yes, you can bring printers, laptops, cricut, lights, etc.... It is recommended to bring your own extension cords. The room is well lit. We do open the curtains on the windows. But if you like more light, feel free to bring a table light.

As for your scrap stuff. I say bring it all. You can always keep what you don't need in your room or in your car. There will be room under the tables too. You can leave your scrap stuff in the crop room the entire weekend. If no one is there, the room is locked. Nan and I have the keys for the room. If you want to pull an all nighter, go ahead! We do stay up pretty late too. It's your weekend to scrap! So we don't want to limit your time in the crop room.

It is recommended to bring a sweatshirt for the crop room. There is AC and we try to keep it cooler rather than too warm. Check out the post for Cafe Press for some great C2R logo wear. I have the hoodie sweatshirt and love it!

Bring your pj's for the pj party. Bring comfy scrap clothes.

Don't forget to check out our friends who are offering deals just for us. Your order will be delivered to the crop. There are also craft and scrap stores fairly close by. Plus we will be visiting 2 of the local scrap stores for shopping if you want to do some more shopping. I do recommend going!

See you all in a few weeks :)

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Lori Shrout said...

It did get cold in that room last time. But so worth it !