Monday, October 20, 2008

Everyone Wants to be a Queen!

Our Queen of the Crop earns the admiration and envy of all of us at Crops2Remember.

Her wardrobe is supplied by - herself.
Her transportation is supplied by - herself.
There are no endorsements or modeling contracts.
There is no first runner up to fill her shoes should she fail to live up to her Queenly responsibilities (plus we don't make her do anything!!)
There is no trip to Hawaii or a fur coat.

BUT, she gets an awesome tiara supplied by Diva Danielle Forsgren of Diva Craft Lounge.
Now, you too can be bejeweled like our Queen with your own tiara.
Order your own tiara (or other Diva-licious items) today for delivery to the crop. Shop here for Diva-tacular stuff, and here for tiaras. Use coupon code 412052004 for $5 off any purchase of $25 or more. And, put C2R in the comments section for free delivery to the crop. C2R is covering any shipping charges. Order by November 1.

Did you know that Diva Craft Lounge is the world's most listened to Internet craft show? Diva Danielle and Rayme Royale have listeners in 87 countries and have done over 500 interviews since 2004! You can hear it every Wednesday 12-1PM PST. All shows are archived and podcast for listening on demand.

Oh, and the new book - Designing with the Divas - will be out December 2. Ask for it everywhere!!! (Did we mention that both Nan and Jessica have projects in the book? We didn't? Well, we do!)

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