Monday, October 20, 2008

Everyone Wants to be A Queen

The layout challenge is a tradition at Crops2Remember, and is an activity our repeat offenders look forward to. This is how it works.

We supply a "theme" for the layout, and you can create any layout you choose (one-or two-pager), with any photos or content. The theme does not have to be the title, but should reflect the theme in some way. The layouts are voted on by your fellow croppers and the criteria is only what the voters feel about the layouts. The winning cropper is crowned the QUEEN OF THE CROP - with tiara and prize at our awards ceremony on Saturday night. The queen then gets to brag and gloat all day Sunday (we think that is the best part!) You can create this layout in advance, or when you arrive at the crop.

We will let you know the deadline for submission once you arrive (it will be due some time on Saturday).

The theme for this C2R Layout Challenge is: FALLING 4 YOU

For those of you who like creative challenges, there will also be a timed Design Challenge that will be announced at the crop. So there is another opportunity to stretch your creative wings for that also!

See below for how to order your own tiara from Diva Craft Lounge!

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Lori Shrout said...

Uh oh -- If Terri is coming it could be a 3-peat !