Thursday, April 24, 2008

Are you ready for some scrappin???

Me? Yes, that's for sure.
Are you all packed, car loaded, ready to go?
Almost. Almost packed. Car will be loaded after I fulfill my carpool duties after school today.
If you have any last minute questions, please send us an email.
Don't forget directions to the hotel and the phone number for just in case. 949-462-9500. Address is 2 Orchard, Lake Forest, CA.

See you all tomororw morning. :)

Drive safely.


Lori Shrout said...

I am almost packed and actually put a few things in the car this morning !
See you all tomorrow !!

Elisa Tyrrill said...

I am in the process of packing right now. I don't want to forget anything! Looking forward to seeing everyone in the morning!!!

Lisa B. said...

I'm ready, hubby's truck is jammed packed and I have way too much stuff! See you all in 10 hours!!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I will be arriving late, but I will be there as soon as possible.