Wednesday, August 1, 2007

August 1 - almost the weekend!

Good Morning and happy Wednesday! Can't believe the weekend is just about here. I am all packed except for my so disorganized scrap stuff. Well, at least if I get it there then I can organize.
We are all ready for the weekend and have so many goodies!! It's gonna be a party!
If there are any last minute questions, we are only an email away.
See you all Friday and don't forget to post your comments to be entered into the drawing for a super prize.
Drive safely everyone.


Terrie said...

I leave tomorrow!!! Yeah!!! Now I just need to pack!! Boo!!!


Ogle Family said...

Ordered more photos from Costco last night and picked up today. (as if I need MORE photos!!!) Still need to organize and pack. It all comes together somehow.

Anonymous said...

"My husband said, "Don't worry, You'll get everything done and packed. Just drop everything else and make it your priority." Such a practical optimist (and sweetie:)

Julia Mobasseri said...

I am packed and heading to the beach for the day and night. So I will see ya all on Friday with a sunburn I'm sure and sand in my shoes. Can't wait!