Monday, August 6, 2007

The Monday morning after

What a weekend!! I know I had so much fun and got so much done - 28 layouts in all, and many other projects completed!!

I had fun scrapping with everyone too. Enjoyed meeting all you new gals and had fun catching up with the repeat scrappers. What a super weekend. And just great to get away too.

I did get my car unloaded but not really put away yet. I went to bed early last night, before the a.m. hours that is, for some much needed sleep. Back at work today, but day dreaming of scrapping and my next projects and all the goodies I really really want to get.

Hope you all had fun and a big THANK YOU!!!. Enjoy the rest of your summer, stay in touch and see you again soon.

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Ogle Family said...

I didn't get as much done, maybe 2 1/2 pages :) but I had a GREAT time. Looking forward to doing this again!!!!