Monday, July 9, 2007

Oh, don't forget - final payments due July 10. If you are mailing them to me (Naomi) please send me an email and let me know . My neighbor and lovely Queen of the April Crop Julia, will be one of our house/animal watchers while we are gone. Or, you can send them to Nan or Jessica. Email them for the mailing address. or .

Thanks :)

(For some reason blogger won't let me stick in titles or photos :( Having the same problem on my own blog. Oh well... Can't worry about that now. Got some packing to do. )


Ogle Family said...

Final payment made, check.
Packed? not checked (probably will do the Thursday night before the crop :)

ilycea said...

Sorry about the mix-up. Thanks for understanding, Naomi.
All paid:)