Friday, September 12, 2008

Where did Summer go?

Hello Ladies
I hope you all had a great summer. We sure did. It went by way too fast.
August was a blurr. We were on vacation for the first 2 weeks. Came home the day our house remodel/addition was starting. The room addition is almost done and other things are going on in the house. Needless to say it's been a bit hectic.
If you have not heard from me much, it's because I have limited time for the computer other than necessities. Plus many days without access to the house.
We are adding on to our office. It's where I work, where the kids have their computer and hang out and where my husbands stuff is and my stuff too. We needed the extra room. I had to temporarily move my work laptop and work elsewhere. But now I am settling back in and doing my best to get caught up.
No, we are not done with the house. But we are getting there. Hopefully I'll be able to have Thanksgiving here. So for now we live with the dust and boxes filling the garage and furniture crammed in the center of the rooms. Hey, it's an adventure.
So, on to November. I know many of you have been making payments and I have record of all of them. Now it's time to get to the computer and get them all tallied.
The hotel is excited to have us back in November. They really do a great job to accommodate us.
What's up with the rest of C2R.... Jessica is settled in her new home and busy with Kits2Remember. Scrappy Nan is scrappy as ever teaching classes . Me, well, I can't wait for November to dig out all my scrap stuff and get busy. I've lots to do.
Start getting those summer vacation pictures printed and ready to scrap.
Can't wait to see all our returning friends and meet all our new ones too :)


Lori Shrout said...

Oh my gosh Naoimi where does the time go ! I just can't believe summer is already at an end.

I'll have tons of stuff that will need to be worked on in November - no worries there. But I also am wondering if you guys have decided to add more seats :-) hum :-) Have other friends who didn't get in ....... Ya'll are the hot ticket in town you know !

See you in November (which is very quickly approaching).

Heidi Siegel said...

I for one, can not wait for November...I think the last time that I cropped was at the last crops to remember (tear) so I am ready to get back into it!~ I can't wait to see you all and I hope that I don't go insane with our busy schedules before then...