Friday, June 1, 2007

Registration is OPEN!

Wow! It's Friday, June 1and the registrations are flying in. We have some more options this time around, so be sure to let us know your preferences, and t shirt sizes. Be sure to let your friends and family know too. We have a good sized group of friends and family already signed up.
Send in your email for registration, I'm around most of the weekend to reply. (going to be doing some scrapping in between events too)
Here's a few things to remember when you email your registration:

The $100 balance is due within 3 days of registering. Final payment is due June 29. For more details click on the registration tab on the website, .
When sending your payment, be sure to include your full name, full address with zip code, telephone number and cell phone number.
If you haven’t already, be sure to let us know the following:
Crop room of choice (Sorority House or Library)
2-room suite (standard, sleeps 4), 1-room suite (2 croppers who are friends) or studio room (singles who like their space.)
If there are any other croppers you want to be seated and roomed with.
Your standard t-shirt size (We will adjust as necessary depending on style)

Thanks a bunch and looking forward to scrapping with you in August.
Have a great weekend ~ Naomi


Ogle Family said...

I'm so glad that Indy isn't doing the soccer tournament the weekend of the crop!!!!!!

ilycea said...

Finally... I waited a long time for this. Couldn't make it to the first crop (mom had surgery, dad broke his foot:(, but got my registration in right away for the second and everyone's doing well!